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Time Period of Tour States for Starting Events and Upcoming Events

Many people are not even aware of the word PGA European Tour. Then it is an organization in Surrey, England. This organization is the Incharge of all the competitions that are going to be organized every year, and besides this, they are also responsible for the increase in the income of the golfers who are going to play in this competition. This organization is based on all of the current and past players of Golf from all over the world. As for the Tour States, they are decided after keeping in mind all the consequences and responsibilities that this organization has to face. Before the Tour States was just the states in Europe, but recently these competitions are also being held outside the Europe.

Total Time Period of Tour States

These events have been organized in the most amazing and stunning parts of Western Europe like Ireland, England, France, Germany, and Spain. These states are really famous for their beauty and perfect location for playing golf at any time of the year. These events have been started on 1st December 1016, and are expected to end up on 9th November 2017. As December was the time when Europe was all covered in snow, so it was obvious that these championships should be moved to other parts of the world, especially where there is no cold temperature even at this time of the year.

Starting Events of Tour States

So the best locations were Hong Kong, South Africa, and Australia. Even though this is European Tour Championship, but due to some reasons, they have to move it out. Then next of some events were moved to Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa in the month of January. Then for February, the Tour States were Australia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. Then comes March and in this month the United States if America, India, South Africa, and Mexico were the host Tour States. AS for April then the Tour States was changed to China, Morocco, and the United States of America. And in May England, Italy, and Portugal were the host states as now the temperature is moderate over here. Then for June Germany, The United States of America, Austria, and Sweden were used.

Upcoming Events of Tour States

As for July Germany, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and France became the host for this European Tour. As the list goes on in August Denmark, Fiji, US, and Germany were the organizers. Then comes the September in which Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic organizes these competitions. In the month of October, the host countries will be China, Spain, Scotland, Italy, and England. And at the end comes the final month in which just three championships will be held. In this month the first championship will be held in Turkey, the second will be in South Africa. Then last and the Grand one will be organized in the United Arab Emirates. Now if you want to enjoy the beauty of all of these Tour States then you should come to these championships.

European Tour Organization Live Tour Dates For Upcoming Championships

First of all the question may arise in your head that what is European Tour? As it is obvious everyone would start to think about that it could be the tour to whole Europe for the vacations. Well it is a tour to whole Europe but not just for the purpose of vacations in some resort, but actually it is an organization which is responsible for holding the world Golf championships in whole Europe. And there are basically three different tours which come under this organization and their names are European Senior Tour, Elite European Tour, and Developmental Challenge Tour. In order to attend these tours, it is really necessary for you to find out about the Live Tour Dates of these tournaments.

European Tour Organization

European Tour Organization is now currently situated in the England. Basically, this organization was formed by some members of the Professional Golfers’ Association which is another British organization. Initially, as per its name, all the championships were held just in Europe, but now due to every increasing flow of people and demands few of the championships were also held outside the Europe like Australia and Africa. And currently, in 2017 final event will be organized in the United Arab Emirates. Now comes the Live Tour Dates of European Tour 2017. SO basically this event was started in 1st December 2016, and as per planned it is hoped to end up on 19th of November in 2017. First two Championships ended on 4th of December, and the third one ended on 11th of December.

Past Championships

Then the Fourth event was started in the first month of January and ended on 15th of January. And following that two more events were completed in this month. Then just in the month of February four of further events were closed. And then as per planned every month four different championships were organized in different parts of the world. In the month of September first event was closed on 3rd, and its winner was Haydn Porteous. Then next one ended on 10th of September with the winner of Matthew Fitzpatrick. And then on 17th September third championship of this month ended with winner Roman Wattel. And the last one ended on 24th September.

Upcoming Championships

Now comes the dates for which you should get planned like the one of 1st October, this one is British Masters Championship, and it is still going on. So it might be possible that you could catch it on. Then Next Comes to the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship which is dated on 8th of October. Later on, comes the Italian Open on 15th October, and Andalucía Valderrama Masters on 22nd October. The final championship of October will be WGC-HSBC on 29th October. Now comes the big three final championships on 5th, 12th, and 19th of November as Turkish Airline Open, Nedbank Golf Challenge, and DP World Tour Championship. Now with the updates of all of the upcoming championships, you will never miss any competition.

World Golf Tournament Tour Schedule and Positions of players

If you are interested in golf then you should know about the European Tour, as this is one of the world’s largest golf competition which is held in all over the Europe. And if you are planning to watch this whole competition by flying there then you should know about the Tour Schedule as well. In this year of 2017, it will be the 46th Season of tournaments of Golf in the whole world. Plus for the Race to Dubai, it is the 9th edition. European Tour Golf Competition started in the year of 1972, and since then it got so much famous that people from all over the world arrive in Europe just for the sake of this tournament.

Number of Tournaments

There will be a total of 7 tournaments organized in this whole series which is known as Rolex Series. And with the addition of Open de France now there will be a total of 8 competitions that are going to be held in this year. And the names of other 7 competitions are BMW PGA Championship, Scottish Open, Irish Open, Italian Open, DP World Tour Championship, and Nedbank Golf Challenge. Among all of these competitions here is one and final which will hold in Dubai and that is DP World Tour Championship. After the Rolex Series, then there will be some other major tournaments held as well Like PGA Championship, Masters Tournament, and World Golf Championships which is divided into further four Championships.


In order to achieve the standings in next European Tour players have to achieve their position to 100, as the rules have been changed from 110 to 100 now. And only those players will be eligible to hold their membership cards. These Events were begun in the last month of 2016, and they will be expected to end in the month of November. So if you are still on the plan to watch these series then you are not late at all, as there is so much thrill in watching the final matches as compared to the beginning ones. First two matches were Alfred Dunhill Championship and Australian PGA Championship, and these tournaments were organized in South Africa and Australia.


Similarly, there was another one which was held in Hong Kong and it was named as UBS Hong Kong Open. This tournament was ended on 11th of December. And now this series is expected to end on 19th of November with the final championship of DP World Tour Championship, and as it is discussed above that it will hold in the city of desert known as Dubai. This will be the final championship which will be organized by the Rolex series. And that would be when there will be the decision of top ten players of this whole European Tour of 2017. This journey was not easy for the players because of the hard work of one whole year. So just pack your bags and get ready for this exciting event in the shopping hub of the whole world.

About Upcoming dates of the European tour of Golf Club

Golf is a very interesting game, while most of the people would consider it boring but once to play it, it is rather addictive and you would soon become the fan of this game. Golf is definitely the best game and great time pass that will help you maintain your health too. Golf is a perfect game for all type age groups it mostly the elder people like it’s the most but this game has no age restriction and many people even teenagers have developed liking it too. There are a hundred of tournaments of golf that happen each year around the world but these are the ones that happen on a small level like organized by a golf club or etc. but there are also some of the big golf tournaments that happen at the international level an one if those tournaments are the European tour. A European tour is an organization that organizes the three great golf tours all around the Europe and no I the other countries of the world. The craze of its tournaments is spreading all over the world which is why golf clubs all over the world are inviting European tour to hold a tournament there too. This is like one of the biggest golf events in the entire world and if you are a golf fan too then you want to go to one of these events too. So it’s better to keep an eye on the upcoming dates of the events and where these events are happening ad you should buy the tickets because they are all sold out.

Upcoming events

There are many events that have been happened and many upcoming dates of more events that are going to happen and you can buy tickets to those tournaments and also participate in them. Every golf lover wants to go to one of these tournaments once in their life so whenever you and cease the opportunity you must and you can do that by keeping an eye on the upcoming dates of the events that will happen soon. This year is almost towards it end now and a lot of events and tournaments of the European tour has been passed and there are more upcoming dates of the events till the end of this year. These events are going to happen I Dubai, England etc. and are sponsored by some of the well-known companies and brands.

Upcoming dates

Following are some of the upcoming dates of the events this year that you might want to go to.

  • From Oct5-Oct8 there will be the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and you can find the details of this tournament form the official website with the ticket price too.
  • Oct12-Oct15 is one of the upcoming dates of the Italian Open tournament
  • From Oct19-Oct22 there will be the Andalucía Valderrama Masters tournament that is hosted by the Sergio
  • Nov2-Nov5 there will be the Turkish Airlines Open tournament
  • Ned bank golf challenge will be from Nov9-Nov12

So these are some of the upcoming dates of the European tour tournaments and you can know about more from the official site.

Available All European Tour Tickets At Affordable Price

If you are a golf lover you must be aware of what European tour is and for those who are not you should know that European tour is the association that arranges the gold tour around the Europe. The main headquarters of this association are located in the Europe. These Europe tours are either European tour, European senior tour or challenge tour. Different tours are held within the European even outside of the Europe. The main purpose of this European tour is to increase the income of the tournament golfers. You can make your interest your profession now. It is the great news for the people who love golf. Most of the people would think it is a rather boring but for the professional and the people who go for regular golfing it I a great game and it is really addictive. Several tournaments of the golf are held all over the world in which different people participate and have been making their name in this game and European tour is a great pathway for such people and it is a great experience to have all the golf. European tour have multiple sponsors that sponsor this tour and the major ones are the

  • Rolex
  • Fitliest
  • Emirates
  • Osbri Golf
  • Powwow Now

European tour tickets

European tour tickets are the tickets to the European tour that is the biggest organization of the European tour of Golf across the world and 47 tournament of this happens in 27 countries and that is why these European tour tickets are so important. Each year a number of tournaments are decided to happen and also their price is an exception. Being a very famous tournament of the golf the prize money is a lot but the price of the European tour tickets are not so much that motivates participants all around the world to take part in these tournaments and show their worth to the world by winning in a game that is so close to their heart. Many tournaments happen each year and the dates to those tournaments are announced and you can buy the European tour tickets from the official website and where the worth of each ticket and the data of tournament is also mentioned.

Available tickets

Following are some of the European tour tickets present on the website

British masters supported by Sky Sports 2017 is a ticket worth of £20-£414 and this tournament will happen at Close house, New castle upon Tyne on Wednesday 27 September at 7:00

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship 2017 European ticket worth £15-£20 and this tournament will happen at Old Course, St Andrews links. St Andrews on Sunday, 8 October 6:00

Andalucía Valderrama Masters Corporate Hospitality 2017 European tour ticket of £363 and it will happen at Real club Valderrama, Sotogrande on Wednesday, 18 October 7:00

DP world tour championship 2017 European tour ticket is completely free and this tournament will happen at Dubai on Thursday, 16 November 7:00

World’s Top Tourism Destinations

Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of every country. So there are some destinations which earn a lot just with the help of tourism, and the reason is their beauty and service which are provided in those areas for the tourists. The world of full of beauty and that is what attracts tourists. SO below are some the Top Tourism Destinations which rely on tourism just on the base of their beauty.


Well if you are an Asian, then no doubt that you are well aware of the beauty of Thailand. This land is full of beauty, many ancient temples and archaeological buildings, stunning beaches, beautiful islands, and most importantly the nightlife of Bangkok. Every year in the summer season millions of people from all over the Asia, and from other parts of the world as well arrives here in order to enjoy a break from their daily routine. And relax on the warm beaches during the day while enjoying at some club or casinos during the night. This place is just full of miracles and beauty with great hospitality.


There are very people to whom summer weather attracts a lot, but there are many others as well who finds out the cold places in the world even during the time of June and July. So Germany is one0 such your dream destination. This place has a record of having a high number of tourists who visits here every year from all over the world. Even the local Germans do not want to go to any other place to spend their vacations, s they are satisfied with their homeland. This place is rich in culture, and every city of this land has its own history to describe. So tourists have to visit this place every year to know all the interesting stories which this land has yet to narrate you. Besides many of the famous automobile brands have their headquarters in this place in which includes Audi, BMW and Mercedes.


If you want to visit a country which is ranked as a 6th most visited country throughout the year, then answer is Turkey. This country has its history of thousands of years before. So if you love to see all those buildings and ruins of thousands of years ago then you should visit this land, but due to recent attacks of terrorism over here made this country to suffer a loss in the department of tourism. Still, this country always tries to provide maximum protection for its visitors.


Whenever France appears in our mind then only thing which comes to your imaginations is Eiffel Tower, which is world’s largest tower in the world. And just to see this huge tower millions of people arrive here every year. So that they could get mesmerised by the beauty of this place, and enjoy the sensation of love and art in the environment. Colognes of France are famous throughout the world, and they are considered to be most expensive ones.

Domestic & International Holiday Packages

When holidays are near, then the only thing that could come in mind is to spend vacations at some beach, or in some forest. Well, there are so many options that it makes very hard for you to decide. Plus a single vacation trip will cost you a lot. So the only solution to this problem is to try out Holiday Packages. There are several advantages of choosing out these Holiday Packages, and there is a lot of difference in going at your own trip or by going at Holiday Package. First of all, if you choose your own trip, then you won’t know that what is coming around, or where you have to go next. Moreover, sometimes hotels do not come up to expectations. While in the case of Holiday Packages everything is pre-planned. From your first step to the airport to your last step back out of the airport, everything is planned. So you know everything, and well aware of any situation during your trip.

Save your Money

Besides all this, there is money factor as well, like in your own trip no doubt that a lot of money is spent, but if you choose Holiday packages then all you have to pay is just the fee for the trip. And rest of the trip is not your responsibility. And by the end of the trip, you will realise that a great amount of money is saved. So if you have made up your mind for Holiday Package, then all you need to do is to contact any travelling agency. And find out about the prices and availability of the travel packages. Every Travel agency has their own packages, so in order to find the best one, you need to do some research. After this, you need to decide that whether you are looking for a domestic package or international one. This also depends on your budget.

Choose Domestic or International

So now what you need to do is to find out your favourite destination among those domestic and international ones. Remember that there are certain destinations where at a certain time of the year you will get great discounts in these Holiday Packages. IF you are looking for the domestic holidays, then there is the possibility of getting the whole package in $3,100. And in this package, you can travel to any part of the United States of America. Otherwise, if you are looking for an international package, then it may be a bit expensive, and a number of days are also less. Like for the trip to Italy, it will cost you $2,000 for just a week. And due to this package, you will get great services everywhere.

Explore the World

Besides, if you want to explore the jungles of Africa, then the starting package for one person would be $1,900, and maximum could go to $2,500 just depending on the services. Every Place has got something new for you to explore, so better is to save your money for the next trip instead of wasting your money on just one.