Golf is a very interesting game, while most of the people would consider it boring but once to play it, it is rather addictive and you would soon become the fan of this game. Golf is definitely the best game and great time pass that will help you maintain your health too. Golf is a perfect game for all type age groups it mostly the elder people like it’s the most but this game has no age restriction and many people even teenagers have developed liking it too. There are a hundred of tournaments of golf that happen each year around the world but these are the ones that happen on a small level like organized by a golf club or etc. but there are also some of the big golf tournaments that happen at the international level an one if those tournaments are the European tour. A European tour is an organization that organizes the three great golf tours all around the Europe and no I the other countries of the world. The craze of its tournaments is spreading all over the world which is why golf clubs all over the world are inviting European tour to hold a tournament there too. This is like one of the biggest golf events in the entire world and if you are a golf fan too then you want to go to one of these events too. So it’s better to keep an eye on the upcoming dates of the events and where these events are happening ad you should buy the tickets because they are all sold out.

Upcoming events

There are many events that have been happened and many upcoming dates of more events that are going to happen and you can buy tickets to those tournaments and also participate in them. Every golf lover wants to go to one of these tournaments once in their life so whenever you and cease the opportunity you must and you can do that by keeping an eye on the upcoming dates of the events that will happen soon. This year is almost towards it end now and a lot of events and tournaments of the European tour has been passed and there are more upcoming dates of the events till the end of this year. These events are going to happen I Dubai, England etc. and are sponsored by some of the well-known companies and brands.

Upcoming dates

Following are some of the upcoming dates of the events this year that you might want to go to.

  • From Oct5-Oct8 there will be the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and you can find the details of this tournament form the official website with the ticket price too.
  • Oct12-Oct15 is one of the upcoming dates of the Italian Open tournament
  • From Oct19-Oct22 there will be the Andalucía Valderrama Masters tournament that is hosted by the Sergio
  • Nov2-Nov5 there will be the Turkish Airlines Open tournament
  • Ned bank golf challenge will be from Nov9-Nov12

So these are some of the upcoming dates of the European tour tournaments and you can know about more from the official site.

About Upcoming dates of the European tour of Golf Club

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