Becoming a Tour Guide is not as easy as you think because this requires a lot of knowledge. There are several steps which you must follow if you want to be Tour Guide in Europe. First of all, you must decide that what type of Tour Guide you wants to be. Like in just a city of London you will experience Tour Guides for museums, sports venue, government building, etc. So, first of all, find out your interest, like if you are interested in the mountains or the natural sightings, then you could be hitchhiking Tour Guide. Or if you are interested in the history, then you could be a Tour Guide for museums. After you have decided your interest, then all you need to do is to look out for all the possible opportunities for the specific Tour Guide field which you like.

Find Schools

Next step is to find out the schools which offer tour guide courses. This may look very unnecessary step, and no doubt it has no concern with your passion of becoming a tour guide. The only reason that you need these degrees or courses is that you can get a desirable job in some tour company. So try to find out the best schools and colleges for this course. As this would give a great impact on your Curriculum Vitae. There are many courses for just becoming a tour guide, and that means you can take admission in any one of them. The main benefit of these courses are that you will not be just taught theory in classes, rather you will be provided with field training as well.

Learn Well

Now next thing is to study well for your career. IF you wanted to be a successful tour guide then remember that you must have enough knowledge about each and everything around you. So just stay updated with your research. This research will not just help you out with the questions of the tourists, but also with getting a great job in some good company. No doubt that during your course you will learn a lot about your field, but that is not enough. And here your own research will be very useful.

Apply for the Job

Now once you are done with your course, and your degree is completed. Now is the time for applying for a job. So before you do that just make a complete and stunning Curriculum Vitae, which represents your qualifications and skills? As this is not an ordinary job, so you need to add up something extra in your resume. Like whatsoever places you have visited during your lifetime just add them. And you will see that how it gives you a plus point for getting a job.

Be Prepared for the Interview

Once you have applied for the job, now you will be called for the interview. This job is not about that how many qualifications you have, but it is all about what skills you have. So get well prepared for this job, and present yourself as an efficient tour guide.

How to become a Tour Guide in Europe?

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