First of all the question may arise in your head that what is European Tour? As it is obvious everyone would start to think about that it could be the tour to whole Europe for the vacations. Well it is a tour to whole Europe but not just for the purpose of vacations in some resort, but actually it is an organization which is responsible for holding the world Golf championships in whole Europe. And there are basically three different tours which come under this organization and their names are European Senior Tour, Elite European Tour, and Developmental Challenge Tour. In order to attend these tours, it is really necessary for you to find out about the Live Tour Dates of these tournaments.

European Tour Organization

European Tour Organization is now currently situated in the England. Basically, this organization was formed by some members of the Professional Golfers’ Association which is another British organization. Initially, as per its name, all the championships were held just in Europe, but now due to every increasing flow of people and demands few of the championships were also held outside the Europe like Australia and Africa. And currently, in 2017 final event will be organized in the United Arab Emirates. Now comes the Live Tour Dates of European Tour 2017. SO basically this event was started in 1st December 2016, and as per planned it is hoped to end up on 19th of November in 2017. First two Championships ended on 4th of December, and the third one ended on 11th of December.

Past Championships

Then the Fourth event was started in the first month of January and ended on 15th of January. And following that two more events were completed in this month. Then just in the month of February four of further events were closed. And then as per planned every month four different championships were organized in different parts of the world. In the month of September first event was closed on 3rd, and its winner was Haydn Porteous. Then next one ended on 10th of September with the winner of Matthew Fitzpatrick. And then on 17th September third championship of this month ended with winner Roman Wattel. And the last one ended on 24th September.

Upcoming Championships

Now comes the dates for which you should get planned like the one of 1st October, this one is British Masters Championship, and it is still going on. So it might be possible that you could catch it on. Then Next Comes to the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship which is dated on 8th of October. Later on, comes the Italian Open on 15th October, and AndalucĂ­a Valderrama Masters on 22nd October. The final championship of October will be WGC-HSBC on 29th October. Now comes the big three final championships on 5th, 12th, and 19th of November as Turkish Airline Open, Nedbank Golf Challenge, and DP World Tour Championship. Now with the updates of all of the upcoming championships, you will never miss any competition.

European Tour Organization Live Tour Dates For Upcoming Championships

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