Many people are not even aware of the word PGA European Tour. Then it is an organization in Surrey, England. This organization is the Incharge of all the competitions that are going to be organized every year, and besides this, they are also responsible for the increase in the income of the golfers who are going to play in this competition. This organization is based on all of the current and past players of Golf from all over the world. As for the Tour States, they are decided after keeping in mind all the consequences and responsibilities that this organization has to face. Before the Tour States was just the states in Europe, but recently these competitions are also being held outside the Europe.

Total Time Period of Tour States

These events have been organized in the most amazing and stunning parts of Western Europe like Ireland, England, France, Germany, and Spain. These states are really famous for their beauty and perfect location for playing golf at any time of the year. These events have been started on 1st December 1016, and are expected to end up on 9th November 2017. As December was the time when Europe was all covered in snow, so it was obvious that these championships should be moved to other parts of the world, especially where there is no cold temperature even at this time of the year.

Starting Events of Tour States

So the best locations were Hong Kong, South Africa, and Australia. Even though this is European Tour Championship, but due to some reasons, they have to move it out. Then next of some events were moved to Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa in the month of January. Then for February, the Tour States were Australia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. Then comes March and in this month the United States if America, India, South Africa, and Mexico were the host Tour States. AS for April then the Tour States was changed to China, Morocco, and the United States of America. And in May England, Italy, and Portugal were the host states as now the temperature is moderate over here. Then for June Germany, The United States of America, Austria, and Sweden were used.

Upcoming Events of Tour States

As for July Germany, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and France became the host for this European Tour. As the list goes on in August Denmark, Fiji, US, and Germany were the organizers. Then comes the September in which Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic organizes these competitions. In the month of October, the host countries will be China, Spain, Scotland, Italy, and England. And at the end comes the final month in which just three championships will be held. In this month the first championship will be held in Turkey, the second will be in South Africa. Then last and the Grand one will be organized in the United Arab Emirates. Now if you want to enjoy the beauty of all of these Tour States then you should come to these championships.

Time Period of Tour States for Starting Events and Upcoming Events

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