A tour guide is a person that provides assistance and the information of about some particular historical, cultural and religious place to all the tourists visiting that place. When you go for a tour to any of such place you will find tour guides there that will guide you all about that place will take you famous places and give the detailed history of that place and would even tell you the whole story about that place. And when you are visiting a religious place they would also tell you all about that religion and all the rituals the people of that belief perform in those places and everything about it. If you are also planning a tour then a tour guide is the exact person that you will need there so you could gain something out of that tour and also so you won’t get lost.

What a tour guide do


A tour guide is basically are the experts of that particular place and they provide their tour group about the important and interesting information about that place. What exactly the job of a tour guide depends upon which place and which city he is going to perform his job and what type of job he actually has. Following is the job description of tour guides depending upon the type or place of job.

Self-employed tour guides

Self-employed tour guides are in places that are publicly accessible and the places of natural attractions like parks, museums, etc. They know the general information about all the public attractions and can give you the brief overview of the whole city. So it’s better to hire a self-employed tour guide if you are planning to take a tour of the whole city.

Historical tour guides

Historical tour guides are those that are present in all the historical places and know all the detailed history of about that place. These guides have vast knowledge in history and tell you the whole story about the importance of that historical place. The give the whole interesting information bout that monument and make you live the whole story of past. A historical tour guide has all the information memorised about that place so they could answer the questions of the tourists about that historical place.

Corporate tour guides

Corporate tour guides are those which are hired by the corporate or by the theme parks and industries too. They tell tourists about the motto of the company and all the public information about that company. They tell them all about the history and in industries, they guide tours about all the manufacturing process. This is what the job of a corporate tour guide is.

Nature tour guides

The job of a nature tour guide is that lead people to the natural attractions, natural parks and all the outdoor place of natural interest. The focus of a tour of this type of tour guide is toward the wildlife and all the natural things. They describe the geography and even the history of that location and gives you all about the species that are inhabiting that place.

This was the detailed information about what a tour guide does.

What does a Tour Guide do?

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