Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of every country. So there are some destinations which earn a lot just with the help of tourism, and the reason is their beauty and service which are provided in those areas for the tourists. The world of full of beauty and that is what attracts tourists. SO below are some the Top Tourism Destinations which rely on tourism just on the base of their beauty.


Well if you are an Asian, then no doubt that you are well aware of the beauty of Thailand. This land is full of beauty, many ancient temples and archaeological buildings, stunning beaches, beautiful islands, and most importantly the nightlife of Bangkok. Every year in the summer season millions of people from all over the Asia, and from other parts of the world as well arrives here in order to enjoy a break from their daily routine. And relax on the warm beaches during the day while enjoying at some club or casinos during the night. This place is just full of miracles and beauty with great hospitality.


There are very people to whom summer weather attracts a lot, but there are many others as well who finds out the cold places in the world even during the time of June and July. So Germany is one0 such your dream destination. This place has a record of having a high number of tourists who visits here every year from all over the world. Even the local Germans do not want to go to any other place to spend their vacations, s they are satisfied with their homeland. This place is rich in culture, and every city of this land has its own history to describe. So tourists have to visit this place every year to know all the interesting stories which this land has yet to narrate you. Besides many of the famous automobile brands have their headquarters in this place in which includes Audi, BMW and Mercedes.


If you want to visit a country which is ranked as a 6th most visited country throughout the year, then answer is Turkey. This country has its history of thousands of years before. So if you love to see all those buildings and ruins of thousands of years ago then you should visit this land, but due to recent attacks of terrorism over here made this country to suffer a loss in the department of tourism. Still, this country always tries to provide maximum protection for its visitors.


Whenever France appears in our mind then only thing which comes to your imaginations is Eiffel Tower, which is world’s largest tower in the world. And just to see this huge tower millions of people arrive here every year. So that they could get mesmerised by the beauty of this place, and enjoy the sensation of love and art in the environment. Colognes of France are famous throughout the world, and they are considered to be most expensive ones.

World’s Top Tourism Destinations

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